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《Hive Jinnan × GIRL’S MeeTALK meetup!》
Hi Ladies! Join us on Monday, March 4th at The Hive Jinnan for Meetup.

This year, we will be organizing monthly meetups!
As you know Slush Tokyo was held last week, so we have some fun guests for this time. Let’s hear what they are up to during the lightning talk session (Introduce ourselves each other). For those interested in startups, education and what is currently going on in China and Taiwan are especially welcome. We are waiting for you to join us to have great discussion and share our ideas!!


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Such a fun night, thank you for coming out and sharing your experiences!

We are ready!

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Thank you Maria&Kozue for helping out.

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It's been a while since they saw eachother at Slush in Japan.
Mami was organising the Slush event when Jessie's team won the prize!

Let's Lightning Talk!

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We had new guests from Laos (Southeast Asia) by chance. Cafe owner Ms. Chija and her friend. <br> She had kindly invited us to visit her cafe!

Start from Maria (CAMPFIRE)

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Maria grew up in China and Singapore! She came back to Japan for high school and university.
She works to enhance overseas business development at CAMPFIRE, by making use of her background!

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She post her photos to share her unique point of view on instagram.

Mami (Makeblock from China)

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Mami currently works in Shenzhen! <br> Mami and Maria shared their experiences, and promised to see each other again!

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Mami currently works at a EdTech company, Makeblock based in Shenzhen.
She explained how she loves her work and cherishes the people she gets to work with.
It's really important to enjoy your environment!

Kozue (creww)

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Kozue works at a company that mediates collaboration between leading companies with startups.

Sanae margaret (Actress)

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Sanae margaret is an actress who takes her own portrait. She has been shooting over 100,000 photos so far. She prepared her own script for tonight because she started learning English by herself. Our event is open to anyone who wants to share something in English. We don't care if you can speak fluently or not!

Mari (Zehitomo/SoGALTokyo)

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Mari works at Zehitomo, a service that matches those in need for professionals, with service professionals.
She explains the hardships of a startup, where you are expected to be able to handle everything by yourself from scratch.
It seems like it's a common issue most of the people in the room had experienced before!

Ivy (Reaktor/IxDA Tokyo)

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Ivy for a non-profit called IxDA that organises events that help build the designing community in Japan. <br> IxDA works to spread the discipline of Interaction Design as a mean to solve human problems. <br>

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Jessie (17media from Taiwan)

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Jessie currently works for 17media and works without borders between Taiwan and Japan! <br> She explained her struggles of taking care of her team from overseas. <br> She also shared with us her story at Slush Tokyo where her team won the pitch. <br> She even prepared a Japanese speech for today :)

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Chelsea Arisa

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Chelsea had just flown in from Korea and was able to join us!! She talked about her experience overseas and how that has influenced how she works right now.

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Thank you ladies!

That's a wrap!
It's exciting to be able to meet new people from similar backgrounds, consult your issues and receive advices.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the next event! :)

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Thank you Hive!

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Text contributions by: Maria

2019. 3. 4 (mon)
7:30pm 〜 10:00pm @The Hive Jinnan
1500yen (food+drink)  * alcohol is available at bar.
Capacity: 15 ladies max

■TimeLine (almost)
7:30 Door open
7:45 Event starts
8:00 Self Introduction / Guest Talk / LT
9:00 Networking
10:00 Event ends
Jessie Wu from Taiwan (17media App Vice President, M17, Head of Marketing)
Ivy Li ( Reaktor / IxDA Tokyo)
東野 万美 (Mami Higashino) from China ( Makeblock ) And more...
Please click “going” latest 1 day before the event so we can order the right amount of food! Thank you

「the Hive Jinnan」
Location 1-6-5 神南 渋谷区 東京都 150-0041
Tel 03-6416-4576
*Photo taken on site might be uploaded to our Web/SNS channel for promotion purposes
Organized by Naoko Yamanaka / Funky.
If you have any question, feel free to contact me!

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